Purchase Order Finance

Do you have a purchase order?       Do you have a supplier?      Do you need funding to pay the supplier?      We can assist!

Purchase Order finance is a funding option for businesses that need cash to purchase the supplies needed to fill a customer order.  Helping the business to deliver on orders on time and in full and build a reputation as a reliable supplier.



  • Send us an email attaching a copy of the purchase order and quotes from your supplier/s and the completed application form 

  • We will give you an answer (Approve/Decline) within 48 hours, and if successful we will request supporting documents for verification and validation.

  • Once we have received your supporting documents, we draw up all the necessary documents and arrange a meeting for signature.

  • As soon as all the administrative steps are completed we pay out directly to your suppliers, whereafter delivery to your customer and invoicing can take place.

  • As soon as the department pays for the goods, we take our capital and fees and remit the remainder to you.



  • We assist clients who are in possession of either an official government, parastatal or multi-national companies’ purchase order.

  • We only finance purchase orders for the supply of finished goods. We do not fund performance related activities like Construction, Catering and other services type activities.

  • The expenditure should be above R250,000.  Should the expenditure be below R250,000 then your company’s combined annual turnover and assets should be above R1,000,000 for us to be able to assist you.

The x quotient
Step 1: The X Quotient pays supplier on behalf of Client
Step 2: Supplier delivers product to Client or directly to Customer
Step 3: The X Quotient receives payment from the Customer
Step 4: The X Quotient pays the remainder to the Client after deducting it's Capital and Fees